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New clients can complete the intake form to determine if a session with Agnes is appropriate at this time. After completing the intake form, you may email Agnes for a discount code for a private session. The session fee includes a pre- and post-session follow-up communication.

Members of Eliances, 1 Business Connections, National Speakers Association, Women Who Lead, Angels 14: email Agnes for a discounted rate for a private session - [email protected]

Angels 14 community: contact Agnes for The Empowered Heart transformation session - [email protected]

GJJ WE community: contact Agnes for The Empowered Heart transformation session - [email protected]

Core Beliefs Session

The core beliefs session is to remove any self-sabotage and align oneself with 13 pairs of statements to create a solid foundation to create the life one wants. This process is an efficient way to discover and change 'core beliefs' that may be blocking you from achieving your desired goals in life. These beliefs represent such basic, vital issues as self-love, forgiveness, connection to Divine Intelligence and more. The subconscious mind is like a supercomputer and its belief systems may be different than the conscious mind's beliefs. This session will surface the underlying beliefs and transform them if they are not in alignment with one's highest good.

Book & pay for the Core Beliefs Session ($1,111)

Free Your Mind Package

The Free Your Mind Package includes the Core Beliefs Session and up to 4 additional sessions that may include the following:

-transformation of the perception of a stressful or traumatic event

-verbal and non-verbal rapport

-optimize brain health functions

-life bonding balance

-relationships balance (with oneself, friends, family, business, archetypes...)

-specific goal statements related to 7 categories (sadness/grief, self-esteem, personal power, relationships, prosperity, health & wellbeing, spirituality)

Complete the 'PSYCH-K® Intake Form' before the first session. 

Book the first session & pay for the Free Your Mind Package ($5,555)

Free Your Mind & Body Package

The Free Your Mind & Body Package includes the Free Your Mind Package and up to 6 additional sessions (for a total of 11) that may include the following:

-Optimal Health & Wellbeing Balance consists of 22 pairs of statements (conducted in-person in Phoenix or Scottsdale)

-Alternative Life Balance 

-optimize body systems functions and hormonal balance

-best wellbeing procedures for rejuvenation

-Gua Sha, cupping, acupressure, or Tong Ren as needed

-sound healing music as needed

-Chi Kung exercises for  strength and to boost one's immune system

Complete the 'PSYCH-K® Intake Form' before the first session. 

Complete the 'Health Form' before the first session involving health concerns.

Book the first session & pay for the Free Your Mind & Body Package ($11,111)

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