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The Power of PSYCH-K®
Devy Walker's Testimonial

Devy Walker

Owner, ABOUT FACE Boutique

Agnes has really helped me explore new ways to access health and wellness, both mentally and physically. It’s been amazing learning how frequencies affect sleep. Tapping can be healing and self-talk can limit your potential. I am so happy to have such a fabulous guide on this journey!”


Tina Kramer

Founder Simple Learning

 "Agnes has empowered me in relation to health and wellness, both mentally and physically. She showed me how to be confident in who I am, to get out of my head, and to trust my heart as well. Breathing into my heart and simply listening have helped me make some challenging decisions.”

Victtoria Lima

Owner, Skincare and Glow

“Before my PSYCH-K® balance session with Agnes, I was experiencing feelings of anxiety, fear, and sadness that surfaced out of nowhere. During the session with a series of questions and guided by Agnes through the process, I started to feel a connection between both sides of my brain and became much calmer and at ease. At the end of my session any discomfort of pain or sadness from past memories that had surfaced, completely disappeared. I felt lightness and more at peace. It was truly a transformational experience.

Thank you Agnes for guiding me back to balance and ease." 


Karunā Tyisha Simpson

HoliSpace - Solar Visionary

"On a trip to Mt Shasta, Agnes facilitated the creation of Sacred Space, in a Starbucks parking lot! Using PSYCH-K® in partnership with me, she showed me how to move out of my own way and to the core of something that had been ailing me. For years, I would get hives from dog licks - welting fat irritating hives. That day I learned that that particular allergy was tied to a subconscious belief that I was ready to let go. I have not been affected by a dog allergy in months! This is just one of many facilitations Agnes has guided me through. She has a wealth of knowledge and many different modalities to support. Every session has been transformative.  Her work with the community and the Empowered Heart is something I also experienced and continue to experience. Agnes is truly a gift to humanity!"

Alisha Olson

Owner, Angel Athletica

Agnes facilitated a PSYCH-K® balance to help me transform my limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. Her patient approach, in combination with her heartfelt compassion, made my experience truly memorable. Agnes lovingly held space for me to see and step into my power, and I know she will do the same for anyone else fortunate enough to work with her.”

"My son has struggled with intense anxiety for years. We've tried a lot of things and only seen limited changes. He completed this program with Agnes a few months ago. Almost right away, I noticed he was calmer. About a month later, he said it just seemed easier to be happy but wasn't sure why. He later told me that he's felt so much better since Agnes helped him, but he didn't realize it for a while because nothing was wrong so he "kind of forgot." He feels safer now and has been able to just be a kid for a change. Even when he has a hard day, he bounces back much faster and is just generally lighter."

 Kathleen, Phoenix, AZ

"Agnes is such a professional being with integrity and discernment to it’s core. I have done many breathing sessions with her and healing techniques to help me go through some challenges from the past. I strongly recommend Agnes to anyone that’s looking to transform their life, to live life to it’s full potential and re-build from inside out positively. She has built a beautiful community, The Empowered Heart and trust within the group. Much love."

Dragana Krstic, Owner of Gasija Lifestyle LLC, Phoenix, AZ

"Agnes Chau has the spiritual connection to assist those in need by providing solutions and direction to those who seek physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual healing. My personal contact with Ms. Chau has provided a variety of assistance that has created a positive effect on my life." 

Charles Jackson, Past President - Association for Entrepreneurship USA

"I’ve worked with Agnes on multiple occasions and she is always a magnificent guide, educator, and support! I come away feeling more complete within myself and in the world after a session. She utilizes many techniques which blend together effortlessly and create a true frequency change. I highly recommend working with Agnes. Gratitude and Appreciation of your blessings Agnes 🙏 Namasté"

Audrey Kerger, Owner of Haus of Life, Scottsdale, AZ

"Do you know that feeling we sometimes get in life that we don't quite understand or know what it is? Meeting Agnes opened up that missing element in me. I needed to find myself again, fall in love, and reconnect with the strong beautiful soul I am. Through various methods like connecting with my Divine Self, breathing through the heart, transforming fear based emotions into love based emotions, and so many more methods, I started my journey. She will always be a blessing in my life and I'm excited and grateful for what is more to come." 

Marlene Montoya, Phoenix, AZ

"When I'm not feeling at my best or when I find my energy at a low point, Agnes is the person on my speed dial who can help me get back on track."  

Kay C., Human Rights Consultant, Toronto, ON

"Agnes Chau has had a powerful impact on my life and on my mother’s. When I first met Agnes, I was immediately drawn to her positive energy and her excitement for her new journey. I wasn’t familiar with the healing modalities Agnes spoke of, but when my mother was in the hospital facing kidney failure, Agnes unselfishly Tapped for my mom and amazingly her kidneys were remarkably better the next day. 

She has taught me about the benefits of frequency music for restful sleep; it is now a ritual for my husband and I. 

Her generosity with the Empowered Heart is awe inspiring and very important work. Agnes has exposed me to ways of healing mentally and physically that I could have never imagined."

Devy Walker, Owner of About Face Boutique, Scottsdale, AZ

"Agnes is very educated and knowledgeable about her healing techniques and the support she provides at the events are very transforming. I was struggling with a headache for about 15 days and after doing the tapping, I felt the shift. The next day my headache was gone and mind clear...Thank you for all your amazing work and putting the empowerment with the world out there."  

Dragana Krstic, Owner of Gasija Lifestyle LLC, Phoenix, AZ 

"If you are lucky enough to meet Agnes and allow her into your life, then get ready for lifelong exciting changes! If your life is inferior and hopeless now, it will be better than ever. If your life is just okay today, It will be fantastic!

With all of her experience, knowledge, research, accomplishments on every level of healing, she will teach you how to become your own Alchemist, your own Master. 

By learning and applying her principles, she will guide you to become independent, using the wisdom of your own inner empowerment!

She can explain to you how and why you got to this point in your life. How to understand all the emotions involved. How to connect and disconnect and reconnect with a new state of mind! How to leave the drama behind and not get caught up again! How to let go, step out, and keep moving on your own path without distraction. How you can always say: ‘No thanks. I am on my own side!’

Agnes is the kind of person the universe will send to you as a special reward for all you have been through; when you are ready for growth and change; and when you are ready to become a New You!

I was so blessed to meet her! Agnes totally redirected my life and thinking. She was my turning point! Her talents are an invisible gift from God she is using to make the planet a better place!

She made me a better person! Lucky is anybody who will be in her company! Thank you, dear Agnes! Money could never be enough for what you are giving!

Heike Jennings, Phoenix, AZ